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Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, they set it on a lampstand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

Matthew 5:15

Joanna's message and passion for speaking is purely for the glory Christ alone. Having lived over three decades without understanding His love for her, Joanna is on mission to make sure other women do not suffer from the same misconceptions she did, in terms of love, sexual purity, submission, and the dangerous path of following their own heart, instead of His. Experienced in not only writing testimony accounts, books of her own, sermons for other pastors, and a concise lesson in weekly blogs for Today's Christian Living magazine, Joanna understands the process and preparation necessary to deliver an effective and powerful presentation. 

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"She tells you that you do not have to live in your sin anymore. She talks about what girls and women really think about."

- Marnie, age 16


Real Armored Women Ministries had the honor of having Joanna as one of the keynote speakers in 2019. She shared her testimony with passion and Biblical relevance. She is raw, real, and unafraid to discuss the taboo topics. Our attendees heard that God restores and provides hope, no matter your circumstance. If you are looking for a biblically-focused speaker to share with your women, youth, young adults or singles, invite Joanna to your campus.

- Isabel, age 45

"Joanna has a way of being so authentic, genuine and real that it engages your soul.  She captivates you and pulls you in to the point you feel like you are hearing God speak directly to you through this vessel of His.  She is funny and relatable to the point you feel like you are able to laugh at yourself and that you are not alone in this experience called Life.  You leave the event with the anticipation of how God is revealing Himself to you."

- Maggie, age 56 


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