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Below is a sampling of the books Joanna has been directly involved in writing. For a full list of books her company has helped to bring to publication, please visit


Joanna is the author of  Fire Women: Sexual Purity & Submission for the Passionate Woman. Fire Women is both a testimony account and a discipleship tool for women who truly want to understand the boundaries and importance of purity and submission, as is reflected in God's Word. Coming out of three decades of sin, including a homosexual affair, Joanna tells a powerful story about how God delivered her, changed her heart, and aligned her on a path of exceedingly and abundantly more than she could have imagined. Joanna is passionate about teaching other women how great God's gift of sex is, within marriage and how submission aligns our hearts to receive all of the good and perfect gifts He has planned for us.


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Joanna is the co-author of  DiscipleTrip with Dr. Joey Cook. DiscipleTrip is the first publication in Dr. Cook's "Adventure Movement" which truly supports, teaches and spurs believers onto a life of adventure in following the Holy Spirit. With real-life examples of crazy adventure opportunities, Dr. Cook relays the excitement of following Christ to an audience that may not initially perceive the wild ride of a true believer. Dr. Cook's passion for discipling ultimately leads the reader to understand that the DiscipleTrip and the ultimate adventures begins wherever God has placed you. 


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Healing from Acid Reflux eBook.jpg

Joanna's second self-released book, Healing From Acid Reflux is a powerful resource for anyone who has ever dealt with this condition.


After twenty years on prescription medications for acid reflux, a culmination of things brought Joanna to the realization that there was a much different way of managing, and even healing from this condition.


This quick read will share her story, the background including medicinal management, and the major changes that occurred both in her health and in her heart to ultimately heal this condition in her life. 

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